Today Is A Crappy Day

Have A Crappy Day!

One of the good things about positive psychology is that it encourages individuals to view the glass as half full instead of half empty. Seeing the silver lining in dark clouds can help you cope with the flood of an emotional monsoon season.

DON’T Make It Better!

But another effective way of coping with a bad day or a negative mood or situation is to NOT try to see the positive in it, to NOT try to change it to make it better.

You read me correctly.

Today Is A Crappy Day

Instead of trying to convince yourself that today is really a wonderful day full of awesome possibilities when in actuality you are dreading it and feel like it is full of odious excrement… just let it be a Crappy Day.

Today is A Crappy Day! It’s one of THOSE days. It’s just a crappy day.

That’s All It Is

By actually giving time, energy, and attention to trying to turn a bad day or mood into a good one, we give way more power to the so-called “badness” of the day or the mood than it even deserves.

It’s just a bad mood. It’s just a bad day. Like you’ve never had one of those before. Like you’ve never survived one of them. Like you’ve not had a million of them.

Am I right?

Crappy Days Just Don’t Feel Good

You can survive the bad mood. You know you can. It’s just going to suck to be in it. You can survive the bad day. You know you can. It’s just going to suck to live through it.

So Now What?

Okay. So. So now what?

Get on with the Crappy Day! Let the Crappy Day commence. Slog through it the best you can. Survive it the best ways you know how, creating the least amount of collateral damage and injuring the fewest innocent bystanders possible. You might just need to sleep your way through it. That counts as surviving it, in case you wondered.

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe it won’t be so crappy… but if it is, you can survive that one, too. But that might just be me seeing that glass as half full again!  🙂

DrAnita Sanz, PhD, Psychologist

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