Eight Simple Daily Habits Everyone Should Practice, According To A Psychologist

Eight Simple Daily Habits Everyone Should Practice, According To A Psychologist

If you need help with establishing any of these habits or acquiring any of the skills you need to keep these habits going consistently, I recommend you seek help from someone who not only knows how to do what you don’t, but can teach you how to do it in a way you can understand.

Most People Struggle To Predict What Will Actually Make Them Happy, According To Psychology

As John Milton said: “The mind is a universe and can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” We psychologists can help people to use their minds to make their present moments better than they could ever predict their futures to be.

Five Mental Health Signals You Should Never Ignore

Here is a relatively simple way to be able to assess whether you are experiencing mental health symptoms which you should not ignore and for which you may want to seek help.

A Psychologist’s Tips For Making Small Talk When You Have Social Anxiety

I can answer this question as both a psychologist and a person who has had lifelong social anxiety. I never enjoyed making small talk, but I have come to learn the great value that beginning conversations with strangers can have in your life 

How You Can Best Help Those Dealing With Depression During the Holidays

Depression is one of the “invisible illnesses,” which can be baffling to those with no personal experience with it. The depressed person may look fine or appear to be functioning fairly well from the outside looking in. But the reality on the inside can be quite different and very hard for someone with an invisible illness to adequately explain to others.

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