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In the progress of personality, first comes a declaration of independence, then a recognition of interdependence. ~Henry Van Dyke So where do you place yourself on the scale of being dependent or independent? How do people describe you, and do they regularly use either of those two words? THINK JOHN WAYNE… In our Western culture, the ideal person …

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How to Take Mental Health Meds Safely

Mental Health Medication If you take psychotropic medications, meaning anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, mood stabilizers, or anti-psychotic medications, it’s not unusual that at one time or another during the course of your working with your psychiatrist, you may experience a side effect or a drug interaction. This one makes you small, this one makes you tall… Like Alice in …

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You Can Do Better Than “So, How Was Your Day?”

“So, how was your day?” Fine. “What happened in school today?” Nothing. You’re trying to connect. You’re trying to get them to open up. But even when you ask open-ended questions, sometimes no one really wants to talk. How do you get beyond one-word answers and superficial communication so you can really connect with the people you care …

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Control Burn, Baby!

A Controlled Burn I live in Florida and lately, we’ve been in a drought. In order to decrease the likelihood of serious forest and brush fires in this state, in the cooler months, the authorities will order prescribed hazard reduction burning of certain areas… or controlled burns. Fires are set on purpose to reduce the amount of fuel …

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