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Control Burn, Baby!

A Controlled Burn I live in Florida and lately, we’ve been in a drought. In order to decrease the likelihood of serious forest and brush fires in this state, in the cooler months, the authorities will order prescribed hazard reduction burning of certain areas… or controlled burns. Fires are set on purpose to reduce the amount of fuel …

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Your Rights and Responsibilities When You’re Sick

Being Sick Sucks The greatest wealth is health.  ~Virgil Whether it’s a bad chest cold, or a serious diagnosis of a cancer tumor, being sick is just the worst. There is a process of adjusting to all of the ways our lives change when things in our bodies don’t work the way they always have. Rights and Responsibilities Ever wish there was a “sick pass” you …

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Face It

When I am working with clients in therapy, I often share with them this piece of universal wisdom: The extent to which you are willing to cope with reality is the extent to which you can be mentally healthy. It’s just a phenomenon I have observed over the past 25 years of working with people as a psychologist …

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Spinning Plates

So you’ve been trying to eat healthier, lose those last 10 pounds, get an exercise program going, learn how to meditate or golf or parent, and be to work on time every single day for a month. Yeah.  Just that.  Doesn’t seem like it should be impossible, but somehow you can’t seem to get all of those plates …

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