Author name: Dr. Anita Sanz

Licensed as a Psychologist in North Carolina and Florida, for over 20+ years I have provided psychotherapy and psychological evaluation services for a wide variety of clients and issues. I have therapy experience in working with clients with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorders, relationship/marital/divorce issues, child abuse trauma, PTSD, ADHD, adult autism, and eating disorders.

Control Burn, Baby!

A Controlled Burn I live in Florida and lately, we’ve been in a drought. In order to decrease the likelihood of serious forest and brush fires in this state, in the cooler months, the authorities will order prescribed hazard reduction burning of certain areas… or controlled burns. Fires are set on purpose to reduce the amount of fuel …

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So You Want to Stop Taking Your Anti-Depressant Medication?

“I’m Tired of Taking These Pills!” You want to stop taking your medication. It’s too expensive.  You’re feeling the stigma at the pharmacy, thinking people are looking at you differently, wondering why you’re taking them. You’re sick of the side effects.  You’re tired of having to put up with so much to get a little relief. You say you …

So You Want to Stop Taking Your Anti-Depressant Medication? Read More »

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