Author name: Dr. Anita Sanz

Licensed as a Psychologist in North Carolina and Florida, for over 20+ years I have provided psychotherapy and psychological evaluation services for a wide variety of clients and issues. I have therapy experience in working with clients with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorders, relationship/marital/divorce issues, child abuse trauma, PTSD, ADHD, adult autism, and eating disorders.

What Your Mirror Can’t Show You.

Have you looked in a mirror lately? You were probably looking for something: spinach stuck in your teeth from lunch, a stain on your shirt, another laugh line. “The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty.”   ~Sophia Nam Mirrors and the Fun House You might be able to see those things.  Mirrors do a fair job of reflecting back those physical things.  Although your mood …

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Daily Emotional Dialysis

Filtering Difficult Experiences I’m a big fan of the emotional equivalent of “emptying the trash.” By writing in a journal people get in touch with their feelings and express them without censorship. It’s a research-tested treatment for those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress. And if you journal right before bedtime, it often leads to better sleep. I Don’t Have …

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